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The Visual Artist within me has evolved inside the alternative and underground environment, in a spiritual and technical way.

Especially within Live, Experimental,Industrial and Dynamic music scene.

My love for improvisation has grown from the research and experience within

this sideways world.


Whilst constantly searching for a connection between the existing,

variant and organic sounds to the visual language, I have learned to

deconstruct and reconnect these components in a new way to share with

the performers and the audience. 


I aim to Enhance the experience. 

Create an illusion. Ignite the atmosphere. Play with it. Be with it.


Every party, every event, every performance, festival or installation is

a great challenge in itself. Improvisation is my pleasure and

creative challenge is the force that keeps me working for hours.


Most of my work is constructed by using media from a visual bank of

videos from the Internet, field filming and friends’ creations. I edit and

enhance this media to become part of the organic language that I produce.


I develop stage design at the event locations, using a range of materials and multiple

surfaces to project, present & live-mix my media on.

My ultimate aim is to give an event its own atmosphere.

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